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Every programme and service offered by ICG is customer specific. We offer a range of communications training programmes based on ensuring customers achieve pre-determined goals which are set together with the trainer. We also offer management and leadership consulting for communications challenges an organisation may face.

ICG’s international communications programmes are designed and developed with the needs of the customer as priority. Together with the client we take out the most relevant programme in regards to the customer’s time, budget and needs. Below are some of the programme options available.

Our Programmes 1

Effective Presentation Training Programme (Usually Between 3-8 Days)

Our most widely recognised training programme, the Effective Presentation Training Programme offers clients the skill set needed for professional presentation techniques and effective communications skills. This programme is conducted at either a conference centre or at the client’s own facilities. The programme is usually carried out in a group format consisting of between 3-8 participants and the programme length is established thereafter and together with client needs and requirements

Our Programmes 2

One To One Presentation & Effective Communications Programme

This form of programme is aimed at the busy executive who wants to maximise input and rapid results. We offer training over periods of 2-5 days or meeting on 10 to 15 occasions for a set number of hours with direct one to one contact with the client and the consultant.

Our Programmes 3

Management & Leadership Consulting

This programme is created for a specific purpose within management and leadership teams. Our consultants will assist in any communication challenges the organisation may face, and will support the client to achieve its desired results. Please contact us and describe the issues you need support with, and we will assist and work with you to solve them.

Our Programmes 4

Skills Specific Programmes

Many of our clients choose skills specific programmes as a result of needing development in one or two areas of communications, such as presentation skills, intercultural training, negotiations, social skills for business and sales training. These programmes are offered on an “as needed basis” and form a significant part of ICG’s professional training programmes portfolio. Please contact us to create your personal programme.

Our Programmes 5

English Language Training

ICG offers an extensive range of Consultative and Specialised Services in English language training, which will ensure that the client’s organisation has a professional and quality International ’face’.

Our Programmes 6

Translations & Content Writing

We offer clients assistance with translations from Swedish to English and vice versa and adapt all translations to achieve a professional and quality text. We also offer copywriting to provide our clients an international and proficient written text to suit any needs. We have supported several organisations with various translation work and creating professional and effective advertisement messages. Please contact us to find out more.

Our Programmes 7

Coaching & Learning Support Including Mentoring

Essential to strong international communications as well as development in key management positions, is having top quality support on hand when required. ICG through its consultants offers individual and organisations a support service based on a six month or one year agreement to totally support an individual, group or organisation in international communications issues. This may take the form of training, support with documentation, communication on behalf of the customer, providing copywriting and translation services as well as providing advice and assistance in all forms of international contacts. This service is completely tailor-made to each individual customer organisation. Contact us for more details.

Our Programmes 8

International Communications

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