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We work with the leading businesses, such as ABB, Hitachi, NKT, Cargotec, Atlas Copco, Kuka, The Ependion Group, Mettler-Toledo and Kistler as well municipalities and public authorities such as Stockholm City Council, Västerås City Council and Helsingborg City Council to build successful global organisations and strengthen effective international communication and presentation skills

Coaching successful businesses since 1998

We work with the leading businesses, city councils and government agencies to build successful and effective global communicators

Presentation & Effective Communications Training

Our most widely recognised training programme, the Effective Presentation Programme offers clients the skill set needed for professional presentation techniques and effective communications skills both in the domestic market and on the global stage.

One to One Training

This form of programme is aimed at the busy executive, senior and middle manager who want maximum input and fast results.

Management & Leadership Team Consulting

This programme is created for a specific purpose within management and leadership teams. Our consultants will assist in any communication challenges the organisation may face, and will support the client to achieve its desired results.

Who we are

International Communications Group ICG AB is a unique partner to international businesses and government agencies alike. Founded in 1998 and based on a significant demand for creative and international communications support and training, ICG has gone from strength to strength. Through our dedicated team of top level internationally experienced and qualified consultants, our clients have been professionally and successfully supported in their international communications activities. We are uniquely positioned in our field of expertise and able to give our clients the advantage in international business and relations.

International Communications

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