International Communications Group ICG AB is a unique partner to international businesses and government agencies alike. Founded in 1998 based on a significant demand for creative and professional international communications support and training, ICG has gone from strength to strength. Through our dedicated team of top level internationally experienced and qualified consultants our clients have been professionally and successfully supported in their international communications activities. We are uniquely positioned in our field of expertise and able to give our clients that added advantage in international business and relations.

We have a number of significant strategic alliances across the world which support and compliment the services we provide to our clients. We offer training programmes in international communications (English, Swedish, Mandarin and Cantonese) as well as providing a range of international programmes and linking and networking opportunities to add value to our customers’ business. Additionally we assist in creating benchmarking and partnership possibilities for individuals, private enterprises, government at all levels, schools, school leaders and school professionals and students. Our programmes are aimed at raising confidence and skills simultaneously to ensure effective communication in all professional situations as well as supporting organisations with professional consultative services to maximise the effect of international communications.

ICG is based in the Stockholm – Mälardalen region, in central Sweden, strategically located in the centre of Northern Europe. Working and cooperating with a highly professional selection of outstanding partners in the respective areas of our business we deliver rapid results to our customers. We act as a complete international business partner to our extensive range of private and public customers especially in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom, offering a range of English based training programmes, marketing and communications support, networking, benchmarking and linking opportunities and translations and copywriting. Our talented and experienced highly qualified personnel are supporting and facilitating government to government, business to business and school to school linking covering an extensive range of matters. The rapid globalisation process requires that almost all businesses and government be internationally active and competent in communications, cultural diversity and understanding and able to fully maximise their international links.

We have extensive worldwide networks in government and private industry that gives us the opportunity to not only offer the most effective and up to date training but enables us to provide linking and network expansion possibilities to our large government and private industry client base. Through our own international network and with our extensive range of strategic alliances we provide opportunities for our clients to access the absolute best practice in their given field. Be it in education and schools or across the range of public service provision or in the private sector ICG is ideally positioned to offer its clients the highest quality programmes and services.

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